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About us

UniWeb Plus Ltd. has been offering its cosumers innovative solutions to the problems ont he field of creating websites, developing softwares, graphic design, online marketing and professional IT consulting.

It doesn’t matter which one of our sevices you choose sinve we do an equally good job in all of the areas listed above, we bring the best out of all of our project sin order to achieve the golas of our costumers. For us the best reference is the satisfaction of our customers!

„Our goal is to keep on providing quality work, to satisfy each one of our clients’ requests and expactations so that we function as a customer-oriented IT studio.
In order to achieve this we find continous professional development extremely important to continuw developing professionally and in quality which not only means following the most up-to-date technologies but also fulfilling our partners’ requests always faster and precisely. To be able to do that we always aspire to form a good personal relationship with our partners.”

Our services

  • brand design: individually designed brand ideas that mirror the function of the company
  • graphic design: creating unique graphic designs that go well with the corporate brand, such as a website, webshop or presentation materials
  • publication design and printing: designing and printing publication materials
  • software consultations: professional consultations on websites, other online softwares or SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • software development: personalising our online softwares and developing individually specified softwares
  • online marketing consultations (SEO): nowdays it’s not enough to create a website (webshop), it needs to be visible, so our company provides help in introduction to market with consultations on Search Engine Optimization, Facebook advertisement and ADWORDS Campaign
  • webhosting service:  the placement of the website and online marketing (search-engine friendly hosting and newsletters) are also important these days
  • tender management:  we make tenders primarily in  the IT sector and also continuously manage them from request assesment up until the payment of the allowence



We offer the following softwares to our partners

  • Corporate sales management system, CRM System
  • Human resources management software
  • Controlling and Decision Support System
  • Purchasing and logistics system
  • Telecommuting and teamwork software
  • Online sales (webshop) software
  • Dynamic portal system
  • Work Flow System
  • Data Management System
  • Additional (knowledge management) system
  • Specilizied system with RFID technology
  • Systems using mobil applications

Our softwares

  • Simple CMS Website: the website has an easily manageable platform with a creative and clear-cut design that makes editing the content easy (e.g.: wedding website, see here:
  • News Portal: for Local Governments, Non-profit Organizations with an easily manageable platform and menus for editing news and a calender of events, downloading documents and a guestbook modul
  • Online shop (Simple Webshop): with an easily manageable administrative platform, creative design, newsletter and an online IM System (for organizing stock up to 50 products)
  • FULL CMS: multilingual with a SEO, we provide all of our clients a customer-friendly website which is also optimized for mobil phones (and tablets) and will be able to be successful int he long run.
  • FULL webshop: with online payment, SEO, Facebook-page and online marketing support: it’s an electronic commercial system also supported with an online campaign apt at the introduction to market, an online payment option and search-engine optimizing solutions
  • Data (Document) Management System: saving, recording, filtering and managing documents and datas in an online system
  • Projectmanagement (WorkFlow) System: recording and managing tasks, ticketing, continuous follow-up, feedback and timing

 Available server licences:

UWP Business Premium Line Basic             4.500.000,- Ft + VAT
UWP Business Premium Line Perfect          12.500.000,- Ft + VAT
UWP Business Premium Line Extended     28.800.000,- Ft + VAT

 User Licences:

1-9 users:             180.000,- Ft / user
10-24 users:         120.000,- Ft / user
31-50 users:         90.000,- Ft / user
more than 50 users:         individual offers

Server Licence Solutions:

We built the UWP Business Premium Line solutions on the base of our self-developed MySQL Database.

The most important advantage of the SQL System is the fact that with this solution the datas are saved on the server and unlike with other standars, there is no file-sharing on the server. Thanks to this solution unauthorized users will not be able to access the datas, copyying or deleting the datas is simply not possible.

All components of the Business Premium System communicate with each other and it’s also possible to connect this sytem to the already existing system(s) of our partner.

Have a look at our services!


Designing logos, representation materials, individually designed website or even creating an entire brand is not a problem for us. We always adjust our graphic desin to our clients’ products and service sin accordance with their ideas..



Part of our long term business strategy is to always implement our partners’ online ideas (be it a website or an ERP System) in accordance with the actual demands on the market. During programming we pay extreme attention to the quality of the coding and to the fact that our self-developed systems must be expandable and we also follow the recent trends. We equip the websites and online softwares with responsive solutions.



Choosing the domain name is a key point to make a successful online appereance. Our company help its clients with online marketing consultations to find the right name. We place our websites and online softwares always in agreement with the actual server demands, such as SSD Server, search-engine friendly hosting.



In today’s online world it’s not enough to appear on the internet, the websites need constant managing so our company provides several solutions in the area of Search Engine Optimization.


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UniWeb Plusz Ltd.


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4030 Debrecen, Tőzsér street. 5/B. 2.



Tax ID number: 13546447-2-41
Public tax ID number: HU13546447
Company number: 01-09-982608
Bank account: 12042201-00121809-00100008
(Raiffeisen Bank)


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